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  1. [D] However

  2. [A] helps

  3. [B] solely

  4. [B] lowering

  5. [D] reach

  6. [B] depiction

  7. [A] due to

  8. [D] immediate

  9. [C] reasons

  10. [A] instead

  11. [A] track

  12. [D] account for

  13. [B] adjust

  14. [A] results

  15. [C] hungry

  16. [D] sign

  17. [C] decision

  18. [A] disappointing

  19. [A] because

  20. [A] obsessing


  Text 1

  21. [C] foster a child’s moral development

  22. [B] burdensome

  23. [D] an emotion can play opposing roles

  24. [B] can result from either sympahty or guilt

  25. [D] wrongdoings


  英语二第一篇难度并不是特别大,主要是围绕着儿童的responsibility 和moral 之间的关系。本篇的源文选择大西洋月刊,源文中,研究人员通过一个幼儿的实验来研究责任感和道德感之间的关系。这个实验以2到4岁之间儿童为研究对象的一个实验。这些儿童自己在玩游戏,同时实验人员在附近放置了一tower,并且告知他们是非常辛苦地才建成的,希望他们不要弄到。然而这个tower却在儿童们的游戏过程中倒塌了。其中有的孩子很同情工作人员,因为这个tower 倒掉了;还有一些3岁以上的孩子,他们还认为是因为自己的原因tower才会倒掉。因此,他们除了同情工作人员以外,还表达出愿意帮助工作人员修复倒塌的tower这个意愿。作者认为,儿童的道德感(道德行为)取决于他们是不是认为自己应负担相应的责任。第一篇文章就是命题人节选自原来题目是Is guilt good ?的这篇文章。


  21 Researchers think that guilt can be a good thing because it may he]p

  A)foster a child’s moral development

  B )regulate a child's basic emotion

  C)improve a child's intellectual ability

  D)intensity a child's positive feelings

  21题难度不大,非常容易定位到答案句。题干的意思是作者认为愧疚感(guilt)可以帮助儿童如怎么样。原文第一段,Rather, they learn overtime that such statements appease parents and friends—and their own conscience. This is why researchers generally regard so-called moral guilt, in the right amount, to be a good thing.所以不难看出来,guilt有助于帮助儿童形成道德感(moral)。所以答案应该是A。

  22.According to paragragh 2, many people still consider guilt to be_




  D) burdensome

  本题题干中陈述了一个大多数人对guilt的看法。回到原文当中,可以定位到句子In the popular imagination, of course, guilt still gets a bad rap. It evokes Freud’s ideas and religious hang-ups. More important, guilt is deeply uncomfortable—it’s the emotional equivalent of wearing a jacket weighted with stones。本句子中in the popular imagination,对应题干中many people ,顺着答案句可以看到多数人认为有guilty仿佛wearing a jacket weighted with stones,大意是仿佛在外衣里装了很多石头。所以,有愧疚感在多数人来看应该是个负担,对应答案中的burdensome。所以答案应该是D。

  总 结


  Text 2

  26. [D] forests may become a potential threat

  27. [D] lower their present carbon-absorbing capacity

  28. [B] reduce the density of some of its forests

  29. [A] To handle the areas in serious danger first

  30. [C] supportive

  Text 3

  31. [C] Flaws in U. S. immigratinon rules for farm workers.

  32. [D] the aging of immigrant farm workers

  33. [B] To get native U.S. workers back to farming.

  34. [A] slow graning procedures.

  35. [B] Import Food or Labor?

  Text 4

  36. [B] urge consumers to cut the use of plastics

  37. [B] prevent us from making further efforts

  38. [D] We should press our government to lead the combat

  39. [D] a top down process

  40. [C] are far from sufficient


  41. [A] remarks that significant moves may pose challenges to children

  42. [D] thinks that children should be given a sense of involvement in homebuying decision

  43. [C] advises that home purchases should not be based only on children’s opinions

  44. [G] assumes that many children’s views on real estate are influenced by the media

  45. [F] believes that homebuying decisions should be based on children’s needs rather than their opinions.



  解析:第一句中,“It”属于形式主语,代指后面的“underestimate English writer James Herriot”。在翻译的过程中“It is easy to”可翻译为“人们(或人们)很容易...”。“Easily said. Not easily done”按照汉语的习惯,翻译为“说来容易,做来难”即可。后半部分的翻译,大家需要额外注意定语的处理“the final, published work that he gave to the world was the results of ...”这个句子的主干时“the work was the result of...”“he gave to the world”属于定语从句,修饰与限定“the final, published work”。最后一句“no exception”,直译表示“不是例外”,我们也可意译为“他在文学领域的成功绝非偶然。”

  Part A 参考范文

  Dear Prof. Smith,

  It’s my pleasure to plan the debate on city traffic, and I am writing mainly to put forward advice on the topic of this debate and introduce my preliminary arrangements concerned.

  To begin with, the debate can be conducted with the topic of “By Bus or By Bike” on the ground that a host of residents prefer convenient vehicles to reduce time cost under the background of increasingly heavy city traffic. Therefore, the participants in this debate can take an active part in it due to their real experience in daily life. Regarding the arrangements of the debate, it will be held in the auditorium on our campus Dec.28th,2018. Anyone interested in this debate can apply for participation at the Students’ Union Office before Dec. 24th. Finally, a watch will be awarded to the winner of the debate .

  It will be highly appreciated if you could give me an early reply or some comments on my plan.

  Yours sincerely,

  Zhang Wei

  Part B 参考范文

  This bar chart depicts the changes of college students’ different choices after graduation from 2013 to 2018. According to the data given above, the percentage of hunting for a job has decreased from 68.1% to 60.7% while the percentage of pursuing a further study in postgraduate schools increased from 26.3% to 34.0%. By contrast, the change of the percentage of starting a business is not obvious.

  There are several possible factors which account for this phenomenon and the followings are the typical ones. On the one hand, due to the increasing emphasis on education, pursuing a further study has become much more popular for college students. On the other, it is the stress from fierce employment competition that makes college students realize the significance of enhancing their academic level and practical skills, which explains the reason why the percentage of hunting for a job has decreased obviously.

  From what has been mentioned above, we can easily come to the conclusion that this established trend is acceptable. And it is wise for postgraduate students to broaden their horizons and to improve their practical skills during postgraduate study. Only in this way, can they be qualified for the future position.


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